Verify file checksum MD5, SHA1 on Android

Checksum or hash sum is usually used to verify file integrity. When you received files from others, downloaded apps from websites, you can verify the file checksum to ensure it is exactly the same as the original one, not incomplete, damaged, corrupted or modified. On a desktop computer, you can find many free tools that you can calculate file hash or checksum. For example, you can refer to this guide to validate software downloads via checksum on computer or verify file hash on Windows PC. If you have downloaded some APK or other files to your Android device or its SD card, can you verify the checksum on Android directly? ES file manager can help you accomplish that. Check out details below.

How to verify file checksum on Android?

Search and download ‘es file manager’ from Google Play or other Android market to your mobile phone. Run the file manager app on your mobile, find the file, long press to select it, tap More menu at the bottom, choose Properties from the context menu. See below figure.

view file properties in es file manager on android

In the file properties window, you can find the full name of the selected file, the file type, path, size, permissions and so on. The File checksum can be found at the lower section. Touch Show checksum button to view file checksum or hash sum on your Android phone. Currently it can verify MD5 file checksum and SHA-1 checksum.

view, verify file checksum md5 sha1 on android using es file manager