How to Get Still Pictures from Video?

Do you want to convert video to photos? Video combines a sequence of images to form a moving picture. Video is actually a serious of moving pictures. The number of still pictures per unit of time of video is called frame rate. You can easily convert still image files to a video by adding transition effects. For example, you can refer to this guide to make a Christmas Slideshow with background Music. On the other end, you can also extract frames from video and get still pictures from video.

How to Create Still Pictures from Video?

There are different ways or tools you can make pictures from video. The easiest way to take pictures from video is to play the video using a media player or movie player on you computer or device and then capture pictures from video. On the computer, you can simply press the PrtSc button on your keyboard, then paste it to a document or image edit, and export it as image file format, like JPG, jpeg, png. If you are on Windows 10, here is the best way to capture screen on Windows 10 PC. On mobile phones, you can take a screenshot on the phone to print or capture what displays on the screen. You can refer to this guide to take screenshot on iPhone, or this tutorial to print screen on Lenovo mobile phone. It is similar to snapshot pictures from video on other Android phones. The above methods can help you easily get still pictures from video on mobile phone or computer. However they all have a big problem in common. You will lose the image quality greatly especially when you capture pictures from video on mobile phones as the display or screen on these devices are usually very small, you can’t get high quality photos from videos or movies.

get pictures from video

The best way to get still pictures from video

The best way to convert video to photo or picture is to extract frames from video and save them as still pictures in full image quality and resolution. Here we recommend you a completely free way to do that.

Go to download this video converter. It is a premium software with free version available for download and test. You can use the free trial version to export frames from video on your computer.

extract frames from video on pc using video converter ultimate

Follow these steps to export frames from video:

  • Drag and drop your videos from computer to this video converter;
  • Play the video with the built-in movie player;
  • Pause the video anytime when you are playing the video to get the best image or photo you like to save;
  • Click on the snapshot camera icon below the video player to export selected frame from video;
  • Click on the folder icon besides the camera icon to open the snapshots folder on your computer.

This free version of above video converter can export images from video with the best quality and the maximum or full resolution, the same as source video. For example, if your video is recorded at 1920*1080, you can extract photos from video with 1920*1080p solutions.