View all your shared folders in Windows 11

Want to know which folders and files on your Windows PC are shared over the Local Area Network? With Microsoft Windows, folders can be shared on a network so that desktops and laptops in the same LAN can access the files in these folders. In this way, you can easily share folders with other users in the network to share files and offer network storage. However, if you shared multiple folders from different locations, it may become difficult to keep track of them. There are different ways to access all shared folders in Windows OS. You can find out all shared folders from Windows Explorer, Computer Management, Command Prompt or PowerShell. This article explains how to find all shared folder in Windows 11 right in Windows File Explorer. It is intuitive and straightforward.

Step 1. Find your PC name

Go to Settings > System, your computer’s name will be displayed on the right. Or go to Settings > System > About > Device name.

Step 2. Find all shared folder in Windows 11

Open Windows Explorer, the file explorer you use to access and manage all files on your PC. Type in \\yourPCname in the address bar and press Enter on the keyboard, a list of all shared folders will appear in the File Explorer. In this way, you can quickly find out and view all your shared folders in Windows File Explorer on Windows 11 computer.

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