View Page Source with Safari 6 on Mountain Lion

How do you view source code in Safari on Mac? I’m on Mountain Lion Mac OS X 10.8. Just can’t find the browser option to display page source.

As web developers, we always want to make sure that things are as they should be by checking source code. Thus it is important to check page source code. We have noticed that Safari 6 on the latest Mountain Lion was missing one of our most common keyboard shortcuts: View Source (Command + Option + u). Along with that is the Development Tools.

It would be strange if Apple remove these useful features for web developers. We know they are just hidden somewhere in the Safari settings.

How to Turn on Safari View Source which is Disabled By Default on Mountain Lion?

View Page Source with Safari 6 on Mountain Lion

Under Safari » Preferences » Advanced, there is a new checkbox option to “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. You will see that it is disabled by default. In order to view web page sources with your Safari browser on Mountain Lion, you need to check this button from this Safari Preference panel.

After you’ve checked this option, a new menu bar item called “Develop” is created as well. From this develop menu you can find many useful tools and features for web developers.

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