Virtual Audio Cable for Windows

Virtual Audio Cable is a Windows application that can help users transmit sounds (audio streams) from one application to another, or from one device to another without the need for an audio hardware (sound adapter/card). VAC creates a set of virtual cables or virtual audio devices. Each Virtual Cable has a pair of audio endpoints, input and output. With this software, you can send an audio stream from one (source) application to the input endpoint of a “virtual cable” with its output endpoint internally connected by another (destination) application. Since all transfers are made digitally, there is no loss in sound quality.

Virtual Audio Cable Control Panel

Virtual Audio Cable for Windows Features

  • Connect two or more audio applications into a chain where each next application receives an audio signal produced by a previous application. For example, you can connect a player application to a sound processors and then connect a processor to an analyzer or a meter application to investigate the audio signal.
  • Intercept the digital audio signal from applications playing it to WASAPI, MME/Wave, DirectSound or KS Audio endpoints. For example, you can connect a browser to Audacity and record sound played by a webpage, in real time, without quality loss; you can route input and output signals to/from Skype from/to some recording/playback applications.
  • Record bitperfect digital audio data produced by applications that don’t create WAV files, sending audio only to MME/Wave, WASAPI, DirectSound or WDM/KS Audio device in real time.
  • Digitally mix several audio sources together and route resulting audio stream to a recording application.
  • Digitally distribute (share) an audio stream among several recording applications.
  • Convert audio data from one format to another in real time.
  • Remap audio channels (scatter channels to a stream or gather channels from a stream).
  • Bring multi-client feature to any audio device that has not such feature.

Download & buy

VAC works in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. You can download two VAC versions: fully-functional trial version, and feature-limited Lite version. With the trial version, a female voice starts to say ‘trial’ after 30 minutes. Otherwise, there is no functionality restriction compared to the full version. You can download its trial or lite version, or purchase the full version from this link.