VLC video snapshot save directory

When a video is playing in VLC media player, you can take a video snapshot to easily capture current frame and save it as static image file on your computer. The video snapshot preview displays along with the full file path to the snapshot. The file save path however disappears very quickly. In this quick guide, we will show you how to change the default video snapshot save directory in VLC media player for Windows.

Mac users can refer to following guide to take video snapshots and change the default save folder for VLC on Mac.

Run the VLC media player for Windows. Right click on the main player window, choose Tools from the drop-down menu, then Preferences from the sub-menu. Switch to the Video tab in the Preferences window. You can customize the video snapshot settings at the lower section of the Video tab, such as Directory, Prefix, Format, etc.

VLC video snapshot save directory

The Directory is blank by default. Any video snapshot will be saved to the default Pictures folder in your Windows OS. If you are on Windows 10 and C disk is your system drive, you can find all the video snapshots from C:/users/username/pictures, the default video snapshots folder for VLC media player on Windows PC.

Click Browse button, choose a new output folder on your PC to save the video snapshots captured by VLC media player. Hit the Save button to save the change and close the preferences settings window.