How to voice over a video?

Do you need to use voice-overs in video production? A voice-over can help your video be more informative and understandable. You can barely make a video project look professional without any sound. In a related article, we demonstrated how to add music to videos. If you refer to this guide now if you prefer adding music songs other than your own voice recordings.Voice-overs require more effort, but you can’t ignore the benefits of using voice-overs in videos. There are basically two steps to voice over a video. Firstly you need to record voice and then add it to a video.

Record your voice-over

Technically all you need is a microphone and some way to record the audio. Computers or smart phones have the built-in microphone and sound recorder app you can use to easily capture audios. For example, you can refer to this guide to record sound on Windows 10 computer or following tutorial to record voice on Xiaomi and Redmi phones.

Add voice-over to a video on computer

At the first paragraph above, we included the link to the article which reveals the easy steps you can follow to add music songs from your local music library to your video. The same procedure can also help us add voice-overs to videos.

add audio music songs to video using filmora video editor on pc

Recording voice and adding to video – all in one solution

In fact, the media editor we used to attach music songs to videos can also help us record, edit and mix voice recordings. To add voiceover to a video, click Record >> Record a voiceover, or click the voiceover button below the video playing window in the video editor. Alternatively you can press the Alt+R combination on your keyboard to bring up the ‘record audio’ screen and tweak the settings first before recording. Moreover, this media editor program offers many other appealing features and tools you may like. For example, you can use it to remove original sound track from the source video, increase or decrease the volume of source video or the voice-over, change the start or end point of the voice-over, fade voice-over in or out in a video.