Convert Voice Recording to Ringtones for iPhone

Many iPhone users may want to personalize their iPhone, such as wallpapers, ringtones, etc. In this article, we will discuss how to record voices and convert voice recordings or voice memos to ringtones for iPhone. iPhone has the Voice Memos app that is pre-installed, you can use it to record any voice using iPhone, then use voice recordings or voice memos as ringtones on iPhone. Voice recording is extremely easy with the Voice Memos app on iPhone. Run this apps on iPhone, there will be a red button in the middle, press on it, then start recording, tap on it again to stop recording and save recording to your iPhone. After that you can refer to this guide to send voice recordings from iPhone to computer through email. Optionally you can trim the voice recordings on iPhone before you load them off iPhone to your PC or Mac.

voice recording to mobile phone ringtone

After you transferred voice memos or voice recordings from iPhone to computer, you will find they are in .m4a format which is not a supported iPhone ringtone format. How can we convert iPhone voice memos or voice recordings to iPhone ringtones? The answer is very simple, just change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r, you are done! You do not need any iPhone ringtone maker or iPhone ringtone converter. Simply change the file extension of iPhone recording file or iPhone voice memos to the file extension of .m4r which is the standard iPhone ringtone format.

convert voice recording to ringtone for iphone

If you have saved voice recordings from other phones, such as a Samsung or LG Android phones, the audio files might be in incompatible format, like .3ga. In such case, you need to convert the audio files to m4r format, see how to convert videos, audios and music to iPhone ringtones here.

Send ringtones from computer to iPhone

Now it is the time to send ringtones from computer to iPhone. You can sync ringtones to iPhone through iTunes. Basically you need to drag and drop the ringtones from computer hard drive to iTunes app, then connect up iPhone to computer via USB, after that sync ringtones from computer to iPhone via iTunes. You can check out previous linked guide for the details.

Alternatively you can also use a third party iOS manager tool. TunesGo is the standout choice. You can refer to following tutorial to copy ringtones from computer to iPhone without iTunes.