How to voice-over a video using Windows Movie Maker?

Want to add voice recordings to your screen recording videos, video demos or video tutorials? With a PC, anyone can accomplish it in 10 minutes. It takes two steps to get things done. First of all you need to record voice and then add the voice recording to the video. Fortunately Microsoft has both voice recording and video editing software included in the Windows OS so you do not need to download or use third party tools. To be more specific, you can use Windows Movie Maker for this job. It helps Windows users easily record sound or voice, edit videos. It is entirely free and easy to use.

Step 1. Record narration or sound in Windows Movie Maker

Launch the Movie Maker on your PC. From the Home tab, click Record narration button,then click Record button to begin recording and hit the Stop button to save sound recording and add it to the storyboard in Windows Movie Maker.

record narration, add sound in windows movie maker

Step 2. Export video with sound

Click the File menu in Windows Movie Maker, choose Save movie, then select the target device to play the video on and export the video with sound to your computer hard drive.

How to add Prerecorded narration or sound file to your video?

If you have prerecorded narration or sound file using the Voice Recorder app or a third party audio recorder software on your computer, you can also use it in the video. The Windows Voice Recorder app allows users to easily record sound or voice. Check out this tutorial to record voice or audio in Windows 10. To add existing narration, sound or music file to video in Movie Maker, head to the Home tab, click the down arrow behind Record narration button to show the drop-down list then select Add sound.

How to mute the audio from video or adjust the volume?

If the source video file comes with sound track, you just like to adjust its volume or replace the original sound track with a voice-over or narration, you can follow this guide to mute videos in Windows Movie Maker on your computer.