Wake up Xiaomi Redmi phone without power key

Does the power button on your Xiaomi or Redmi phone breaks or not work properly? Unlike most Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhone that have a physical home button which can also be used to wake up the phone, Xiaomi and Redmi phones do not have one. When the power button does not work, we can’t wake up the phone. Luckily there are some settings in the MIUI we can tweak to wake up Xiaomi Redmi phone without power key.
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Wake Xiaomi Redmi phone with Volume buttons when the power key not work

Plug in your phone into a charger or plug out it from a charger, this will turn on your Xiaomi phone screen, you can then proceed to unlock your phone. Alternatively you can also have someone to call you to wake up your Xiaomi or Redmi phone. Head to Settings >> Additional settings >> Buttons >> Lock Screen >> Wake up with Volume buttons. Once you enabled this option, you can press the volume up or down key to wake your phone.

wake xiaomi redmi phones with volume buttons

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