Watermark videos in Camtasia Studio

Camtasia is a very popular screen recorder and video editor software for Windows and Mac users. You can use it to record screen on your computer, make video demo or tutorials, edit footage, create your videos. Do you want to stamp a watermark on the video before publishing or sharing them on the web? There are various methods you can watermark videos using Camtasia Studio. You can use simple text for watermarks, or create an image file, preferably in PNG format with transparent background, as watermarks. If you have an existing logo image file, you can directly use it as watermark in Camtasia Studio.

Method 1. Watermarking a Video using your logo or image in Camtasia Studio

This is the default or usual way people add watermarks to videos. Run Camtasia Studio on your computer, go to import the video to which you like to add the watermark. Drag it from the Media Library to the timeline in Camtasia Studio. You will be prompted to select the size for the video. Optionally you can edit the video if need. After that click the “Produce and share” button, or click File menu, then choose “Produce and share” from the drop-down menu list. The Production Wizard opens. Here you need to choose “Custom production settings” option from the drop-down menu in the Production Wizard, otherwise you will not get the option to add watermark. Click Next button, then choose an output video format and click Next button for two or three times until you are at the Video Options screen as below.

camtasia studio custom production settings

Here you have the Watermark option, click to enable “Include watermark” in the Watermark section. Click Options… button to open the watermark options in Camtasia Studio. You can browse to the image path of your watermark, apply various effects to the watermark image, scale watermark, change watermark positions, preview watermark and so on. See below figure.

include watermark in video production using camtasia studio on pc

Follow the on-screen tips to finish the video production, save your video and it will have a watermark placed on it, could it be your logo, domain name, author name, brand name or else.

Method 2. Watermarking a Video using text in Camtasia Studio

Sometimes however you may prefer to add simple text as watermarks. For example, you can stamp your name, brand name, site address on the videos without an logo or PNG image file. How to add text as watermark to videos in Camtasia Studio? It is also very easy. Above the timeline in Camtasia Studio, you can find some very useful options and features you can use in your video, such as Zoom-n-Pan, Audio, Transitions, Cursor effects, Captions and so on. Callouts provides us an easy way to add text and ready-made shapes to videos. You can click Callouts, then choose Text to get started. Camtasia Studio provides many options to customize text on videos. For example, you can change text font, size, color, style, align, fade in/out, etc. To change the position of text watermark on video, simply drag and drop it in the built-in video player window. You can drag and drop the text in the timeline to set its start time. To extend the display time of your text watermark, simply mouse on the end of the text in timeline, then drag it.

add text watermark to video in camtasia studio on pc

Alternatives to watermark videos

Except Camtasia Studio, we find there are several other great alternatives that can also help you make amazing videos record screen, watermark videos, etc. Filmora and Video Converter Ultimate are just two of them. Check out this guide to watermark videos on computer using Filmora and these steps to add watermarks to videos using the video converter. Both of them can help you add logo or image as watermarks or use text for watermarks on your video.

Want to protect your copyright or prevent people from using your video without your permission? Get them watermarked now.