Watermark videos using Filmora on computer

Smartphones are very popular nowadays. We take pictures with our mobile phones, record videos using our mobile phones. As a result more and more videos and photos being shared on the phone and the web. Are you concerned about your copyright? Watermark provides us an easy way to help protect our privacy and photo/video copyright. If you do not other people to use your photos or videos without authorization, you should watermark them. For photos, you can use a photo editor to watermark them. For example, you can use Photoshop to watermark photos. How can we add watermarks to videos? Filmora is a professional video editor software for Windows and Mac. In this article, we will show you how to watermark your personal videos using this video editor on PC.

You can download the free trial version of this video editor tool on to your laptop or desktop computer below.

filmora movie maker mac

Watermark videos on computer using Filmora

If you want to add watermarks to videos captured using your phone’s camera or a digital camera, go to export them from your device to computer first. Then run the above video editor on your computer. Choose to enter the full feature mode from the home screen of the video editor program. Click Import > Import Media Files…. to find and add source videos to Media Library of the video editor. Drag and drop it from the Media Library to the timeline at the lower section of the video editor. Now you have two options to watermark videos on your computer using this movie maker or video editor tool.

Add text or credit to videos

You can stamp your name, brand name, website address, domain name on the videos. You can also refer to this tutorial to add text and subtitles to videos for more details. To do that, click TEXT/CREDIT from the middle toolbar of the video maker, you will open a category of all kinds of text or credit presets at the upper left section of the program. You can open each category to preview the thumbs of text and credit presets, then drag them to the timeline to apply. After that, you can preview them in the built-in media player at the upper right section of the video editor.

add text, credit, watermark to video in filmora for pc

You can drag and drop the text box in the video player to put it anywhere on the video. You can also rotate the text box freely in the media player window. To custom your watermark, you can also change the text style, add animation to text, change text font, size, type, align, color, spacing, opacity, blur, border, shadow and so on.

editing text basic mode in filmora for pc

Here is the text editing advanced mode for more options and customizations.

editing text advance mode in filmora for pc

How to change the display time of the watermark?

It is simple. You can mouse over the beginning or ending of the text in the timeline to show the drag symbol, then click and hold, you can drag to extend the text as you wish.

Add logo or image to videos

Sometimes you may want to add your brand name in image file or logo to videos. Filmora can also help you watermark videos using images or logo. Picture-in-picture (PiP) feature in the video editor provide us the excellent way to watermark videos using image or logo. You should have already see this PiP effects on TV programs, while one program is displayed on the full TV screen, the other program is displayed in inset window. This technology allows you to overlay a image over the video in the background. You can find more specific instructions from this guide to overlay videos and images on computer using Filmora.

When you have added watermarks to videos in Filmora, you can play the video and watch the effects in real time. Finally go to choose the output format which suits your target device or player. If you want to post the video to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, this video editor has the optimized video format in the Export screen, so you can directly pick up and apply.

Watermarking videos alternatives

Except Filmora, we also discussed how you can watermarks using other video editor and converter in earlier posts. Video converter ultimate is another great alternative. Check out these steps to add watermarks to movies on your computer using this tool.

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