WeChat for Mac

WeChat is a free messaging app available for all smartphone platforms such as iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows phone. Many people are using WeChat on their mobile phones. In fact, WeChat is also available for PC and Mac computers. Do we really need to use WeChat on Mac or PC since we have already installed it on our cell phone? Imagine that you are working on a PC or Mac at home or office and you are chatting with some important person via WeChat at the same time, you will be distracted by the ongoing chat on the phone as you have to switch from computer to phone from time to time. Sometimes someone wants to share some documents or files with you in WeChat, however your mobile phone may not have the compatible app to open or view the files you received through WeChat, thus you need to transfer the files from phone to computer. Under these circumstances, if you can just use Wechat on computer, things would become much easier. In an earlier guide, we have already shared with you how to use WeChat on computer. Today, we will discuss how you can use WeChat on a Mac. It is going to be very simply and I’m sure you are definitely going to love it.

Features of WeChat for Mac

Firstly let’s take a look at what features you will be able to use with the WeChat Mac version.

  • Manage WeChat user profile
  • free unlimited text messaging
  • send files between your mobile phone and Mac
  • share photos, videos, voice notes with WeChat contacts
  • send stickers, smileys and other graphical emoticons
  • capture screen on Mac and send to WeChat conversations

Unsurprisingly, the Mac version does not come with many features as the iOS version. For example, emoticons are too simple, WeChat for mac loses many of its exciting functions which only exists on your iPhone, such as moments, drift, Walkie Talkie, voice callls, video calls, etc. Compared to the Windows version, we also find some missing feature with the WeChat for Mac. For instance, you can back up WeChat chat history from mobile phone to PC via the Windows version, but not the Mac version yet.

How to use WeChat on Mac?

First of all, download WeChat from Mac App Store, then run WeChat on Mac, you will be prompted to use the WeChat on mobile phone to scan QR code to sign in WeChat on computer. See below screenshot.

scan to login to wechat on mac

You can refer to this guide to scan QR code on iPhone using WeChat, or this tutorial to scan QR code using WeChat on Android phone. After the authentication, you will also need to confirm the login again. On the mobile phone end, you will get a message saying “Confirm your login to Mac WeChat“, press the Enter button on the phone, you can then log on WeChat on Mac. The next time to log on WeChat for Mac, you can skip the QR code scanning step, what you need to do is just to press the confirm login to Mac WeChat from the phone. You can now start chatting with your friends or family using WeChat on Mac.

wechat for mac

Another way to use WeChat on Mac without any apps

If you do not like to install the WeChat for Mac app on to your computer or you just want to temporarily use WeChat on a Mac computer, you can simply use WeChat for web. To do that, you can scroll up to the first paragraph of this post and visit the linked guide to use WeChat on computer. It has all the details you need to know about how you can use WeChat on computer via WeChat for Windows, Wechat for Mac, and WeChat for Web.