Wedding video editing basics

Wedding is very important to us. You may have taken a lot of photos and videos in your wedding. In this article, we will share with you some tips and ideas about how you can edit, enhance your wedding videos. We will use Filmora video editor in the demo. It comes with both Windows and Mac versions, and you can find download links to both of them below.

filmora movie maker mac

Add music to your wedding video

If you have ever watched a wedding documentary, you should find wonderful music in almost all the wedding videos. You can use some romantic songs as the background music of your wedding video, instead of the background noise. We can’t recall the videos in the wedding without the background noise, or noise problems. However, we can use the video editor software on a computer to remove the noise, or replace it with our favorite songs and melodies.

You do not have to be an expert in order to add music to your wedding video. you can follow these easy steps. Loading music from the built-in library. Switch to the Music tab in the video editor. You can browse through the music libraries and add music tracks to the video. If you like to add your own music on computer, find the music in your media album or computer hard drive, then drag and drop the music songs or sound from your computer to the Filmora video editor to add it. As to the original audio track in the wedding video, you can choose to reduce down its volume, delete it from your wedding video or simply mute the wedding video. You can scroll down to the audio editing section below for more details.

add music to video in Filmora

Trimming wedding videos

In order to capture the most memorable moments in the wedding, you should start the record early. Thus we may have recorded many lengthy videos, If you want to get rid of unwanted parts of the long videos, the video editor has the video cutting option to enable you do it easily.

Click the video thumbnail in the timeline to select it, then click the Play button in the built-in movie player at the upper right section of the video editor, pause the video playback until you reach the point where you like to split the video, go back to the timeline and right click on the video thumbnail, choose Split item from the pop-up menu to split the wedding video. Following the same steps to play the wedding video and select the end frame of the video clip. Finally right click the video fragment you do not want and choose Delete to remove it from the wedding video.

Cropping wedding videos

Sometimes we may have captured unwanted objects or people in our wedding photo or video, such as a stranger passing by, you can then crop the video to remove unwanted details. You can also crop a video to ditch the outer parts of it, or crop your wedding video, change the aspect ratio of the wedding video for better display on target devices.

Right click on the video thumbnail in timeline, and select Crop & Zoom, then drag and drop the borders and corners of the video to select the area you want to keep and cut off or crop off the rest from the original wedding movie.

crop video using filmora video editor on pc

Wedding photography and videography converting

Sometimes you shoot photos when you should record a video or vice versa. If you run into this problem, you can extract photos and frame from videos, merge still photos to dynamic slideshow movies. You can refer to previously linked tutorials for the details or this guide to create wedding slideshow movies using photos, music, and videos.

create wedding photo slideshow using filmora

Slow motion wedding film

Adding slow motion to your wedding videos can be really cool. It can not only help reveal more details in the video, but also create special feeling for your wedding video. For instance, you can apply slow motion to the part when the bride starts to throw away her bridal bouquet, and the girl catches the bouquet; you can add slow motion to the dancers enjoying the fun on the dance floor. Slow-motion are applicable to many scenes of the wedding. This might sound very filmy, but it is surely wonderful enhancement to your wedding video. This technique is very popular in the film industry, and you can also use it in your personal video processing using above video editor.

Right click on the wedding video at the timeline, choose Edit, you can then find the Speed adjustment bar. Drag it to the left to slow down your wedding video playback speed or drag to the right to speed it up. You can reduce the speed down from 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 to 1/10. Go to play and preview the wedding video in slow motion and adjust its playing speed accordingly. Note that the change of video playing speed may make the sound very strange or eve horrible. In this case, you may consider to mute the video or replace the audio track with other music songs. Scroll up to the section about adding music to wedding video to see how you can add music or scroll down to the audio editing of wedding video section below for more details.

Add effects & filters to your wedding video

Filters are some of the most powerful tools built into video editors. You can find a wide variety of visual effects and filters in Filmora. You can take advantage of these effects or filters to make very professional videos.Sometimes you can even use the corrective filters to fix unexpected problems in your footage. There are 146 different filters and effects at the current version of this video editor, like sunshine, bubble, rainbow, raindrop, romantic, colorful bokeh, just to name a few. Just don’t overdo it.

Overlay photos and videos & create picture-in-picture wedding videos

You may not know what is Picture in Picture (PIP), but you should have already seen many Picture in Picture videos in daily life. Basically it is to display two videos at the same screen with the background video fills almost the whole screen, while the other video displays in a nested smaller window. Sounds familiar? Check out this guide to overlay photos and videos & create picture-in-picture videos. With this technique, you can make your wedding videos really creative. The only limitation is your imagination.

overlay video on video in filmora

Edit audio of your wedding video

At the beginning of this wedding video editing tips article, we showed how you can add your own music to the recorded wedding video using the video editor. Here we will discuss further about how you can edit audio tracks of wedding videos.

  • Mute wedding video: right click on the video in the timeline, and choose Mute from the pop-up dialogue;
  • Split audio from video: right click on the video in the timeline, and choose Split from the pop-up dialogue;
  • Remove audio from video: right click on the video in the timeline, and choose Audio Detach;
  • Denoise wedding video: right click on the video in the timeline,choose Edit, then switch to Audio tab, check Remove background noise and click OK;
  • Audio fade in/out: right click on the video in the timeline,choose Edit, then switch to Audio tab, adjust the Fade in or Fade out.
  • Adjust audio volume: right click on the video in the timeline,choose Edit, then switch to Audio tab, slide the Volume bar to the left or right to decrease or increase audio of your wedding video;
  • Mix multiple audio tracks: add the external songs, music and sounds to the timeline, click the Audio Mixer below the video playback window to adjust volume of wedding video and any other external audio tracks. See below screenshot.

audio mixer in filmora for pc

Play and share wedding videos

When you have finished editing your wedding video using this video editor, make sure to play it with the built-in movie player before you export them. Some of the advanced features may not take effect when you preview them, you may need to export the final footage before you can get best visual effect and video quality. Click the Export button, you can find optimized settings for exporting your wedding video to computer, burning to DVD disk, playing on smartphones and tablets, uploading to YouTube, uploading to Facebook, uploading to Vimeo, etc. You can also create a site for your wedding. Thought it could be hard? Not really. Using a site template designed for wedding, you can not only start a new site in minutes but with elegant design, such as this wedding template for WordPress site. After that upload and share your wedding related photos, videos, events and anything related on your wedding site.

filmora movie output options