WindowTop is a free software which allows you to set any window or program on top, make it dark, apply transparency, shrink it, and even more on Windows computers.

Set Window On Top

Set any window on top from the toolbar menu

Click Through

Only see the window without interact with it

Set Transparency

Set window transparency from the slider in the toolbar menu and instantly see the result

Shrink Windows

Innovative way to minimize windows – it will not minimize to the taskbar to keep your taskbar clean as you like. it will make the window smaller so you have the space you need.

Dark/Reading Mode

Set the window to be dark to ease the eye strains. Useful for coding, and for reading at night.


It is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11. Only 64-bit versions (WindowTop is 64-bit only). Search in Microsoft Store for WindowTop and install it, or directly click on this link to download WindowTop from Microsoft Store. Alternatively download its desktop version from GitHub here.

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