WordPress Mistakes Bad for SEO

WordPress has been the most successful blog platform and CMS. Not only individuals, website owners, designers, web masters, small business owners but also medium and large business are using WordPress. This CMS software is much easier to manage than its competitors. Anyone without web developing or coding knowledge can quickly build their websites with WordPress. However, only good website appearance and quality website content are not enough for a successful online business website. You have to spend lot of time bringing visitors to your website, you have to compete for the higher exposure of your website. One of the most important method to increase your traffics is SEO, search engine optimization. If search rankings mean a lot to your website, do check out following common WordPress and website marketing mistakes and take effort to avoid them.

Wordpress SEO mistakes and fix

A Good Domain Name is Very Important to SEO

Domain name is the name of your website. Domain name is the critical element in helping both people and search engines find you easily. Thus it is becoming more and more important in the age of internet marketing and branding development.

How to choose my best domain name for your WordPress sites? Below are some tips for that.

Tie Your Brand to the Domain Name

It is good to use your WordPress site name as your domain name. One benefit if your domain name should match your brand is your visitors can remember your brand and domain at the same time.

Easy to Remember Domain Name

A good domain name should be short and easy-to-remember, consisting of easy-to-spell words or phrases. Forget about hard-to-spell, long and clever words or anything too complex. Avoid using complicated ingredients in your WordPress domain like jargon, professional terminology, hyphen, and dash.

Not Just Keywords in the Domain Name

You can include keyword into your domain which is related to your niche. But keyword is not all you should consider when selecting domain names for your WordPress site. Main keywords are not the key for high ranking in your domain name. Think out an easy to remember, brand-related domain name, but don’t get obsessed with it.

Extensions Matter (.com, .org, .net, etc.)

There are many different domain extensions available nowadays. However do not be too special. Because most people still assume that .COM is the only possible choice. Normally people choose TLD with .com, .net, or .org extension. As of June 2013, there are 110 million .COM, 15 million .NET and 10 million .ORG domains on the web. In fact you should always consider .COM domains as your top choice for your business.

If you are serious about business, do not use Free WordPress.com Account

WordPress.com is a free WordPress hosting provider. Paid WordPress web hosting is the better choice if you are serious about your online business. The free WordPress hosting is easy to get started with no cost, however as long as your WordPress grows, you will find the limitations and disadvantages with the free WordPress hosting.

BlueHost, JustHost and Arvixe are the best WordPress web hosts. BlueHost has been highly recommended by WordPress.org, so no doubt you should consider it when selecting your WordPress hosting service. All of them are 100% WordPress compatible. They run latest PHP and MySQL for increased level of security, guarantee 99.9% uptime, provide 24/7 responsive support. For those who do not have any experience of WordPress installation and configuration, these WordPress web hosts offer 1-click installer in their hosting control panel so anyone can get their WordPress sites up and running in just several minutes. Are their hosting service for WordPress expensive? No, their hosting services are very budget-friendly, costing you no more than $3.95 each month for multiple WordPress websites. For example, BlueHost allows you to create and host up to 100 different WordPress sites under a single hosting account.

Check out Bluehost for WordPress hosting here.

Make your WordPress site Attractive

Many new website owners may underestimate the huge impact of design on your website popularity. Search engines keep telling us to create quality content for your web site visitors and do not pay much attention to other techniques. Content is the king is the primary rule many webmasters just believe in. However it is not completely true. Just imagine that who will spent long time on a unattractive or even ugly site. Instead they will leave your website immediately before they can really find the appealing articles on your website. What is worse, the next time they find a link from your website, they may never click it again. Luckily, there are so many attractive WordPress themes can easily improve the appearance of your website, check out this list of the most beautiful WordPress theme for business here.

Do not Overuse Keywords and Links

There so many bad techniques and practices that can hurt your SEO. Keyword stuffing is one of the most commonly seen ones. It is considered to be an unethical search engine optimization (SEO) technique, which leads to banning a website from major search engines either temporarily or permanently. Except the keywords, you can not abuse the links in your website either. These black hat SEO may bring you some traffic at the first place, but you will get the penalty at the end.