Xnip Screenshot for Mac

Xnip is an easy-to-use screenshot app for Mac with rich image annotation tools.

Scrolling Capture

It helps you to capture a full-page screenshot even if the content not showing on the current screen. You can use scrolling capture to capture your source code, article, chat history, etc.

Window Capturing

Window capturing with the shadow effect. Furthermore, you can select multiple windows and capture all of them together.

Color Picker Tool

Pick the color of any pixel on the screen and make pixel-perfect capture.

Physical Unit

Measure objects by the screen with the physical unit size indicator of selection.

Pin Images

Pin screenshot or any image on your screen.

Download & buy

Download and buy this screenshots app from Mac App Store here.

Similar Tools

  • iShot for Mac: a third-party screen capture and recording tool which adds many useful features to the stock screenshot tool on Mac. It is feature riched and yet free.
  • Snagit for Mac: most popular screen capture software with built-in advanced image editing and screen recording.

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