Reading List is a very useful feature of Safari on iPad. In an earlier guide, we have demonstrated how to recover deleted bookmarks and reading lists on iPhone iPad. With the reading list feature for iOS, you can easily collect articles you find when surfing the web to read later. But there is always possibility that you find some collected or added links in the reading list you do not need to read them any more. If that is the case, how to clear reading list on iPad? In this article we will show you how to delete reading list on iPad that you do not want to read.

How to remove an entry from Safari reading list on iPad?

Use Reading List to collect webpages and read them later on your iPad, this is a great feature as we do not need worrying about being interrupted sometimes.

how to delete a link added to reading list in ipad

Many iPad users may have the same question, how to delete reading list on iPad? To delete Safari reading list items on ipad is a bit tricky. On safari reading list tap and hold on the item you wish to delete/ remove, (while taping) slide your finger to the left, then a delete button will apear, tab delete and you’re done.

delete ipad reading list for ios7

Now you know the trick how to delete an item from reading list on ipad. Simply swipe the item, then tap Delete. Note that this trick applies to different iPad models, iPad original, iPad 2, iPad 3 (the new iPad), iPad mini, iPad air, iOS 6 and latest iOS 7.

Delete reading list on iPad iOS 8

iOS 8 has changed the reading list slightly for Safari mobile. If you have upgraded your iPad to iOS 8, when you open Safari browser on iPad, it will automatically open the Bookmarks menu if you are holding iPad in the landscape mode. If you hold iPad vertically, in the portrait mode, you need to manually tap on the Bookmarks icon to show it.

delete reading list on iPad iOS 8

To remove an item from Safari reading list on iOS 8 is just like iOS 7 or other earlier versions, you can simply drag a reading list entry from right to left, then a Delete button displays, tap on it to delete a reading list entry on iPad iOS 8.

Delete iPhone iPad Reading List iOS 7 – Youtube video guide

If you do not know how to use the reading list function on iPad, please read on.

1. Add the current webpage: Tap the share button, then tap “Add to Reading List.” With iPad 2 or later, the webpage is saved as well as the link, so you can read it even when you can’t connect to the Internet.

2. Add the destination of a link: Touch and hold the link, then tap “Add to Reading List.”

3. View your reading list on your iPad Safari: Tap the bookmark button, then tap the glass button.

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Delete an item from Reading List on iPad
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  1. Cindy

    Thanks! Very helpful I had no idea how to do it and my reading list had gotten to a ridiculous length :)

    • admin

      you are welcome. Glad to hear that it has been helpful. Being the best tablet, ipad has a lot of hidden features to explore.

  2. james andrade

    Thank you very much; so many features on an iPad are intuiitive but I can safely say I would never have figured this one out on my own.

    • admin

      You are welcome. Yeah, iPad is a great tablet with lots of intuitive features. I am so addictive to it now. I carry it between the office and home almost every day.

  3. John

    How do I get rid of this shared links completely?

  4. Sebastian

    Thanks man! It worked in real time.

    • Matt

      My pleasure.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Eli

    If you delete an item from the reading list of one Apple product will it remove it from any others so say I had an iPad and an iPhone if I delete it from the iPad will it delete on the iPhone

    • Websto

      If you have enabled iCloud and turned on Safari sync, then Yes. Otherwise, adding or deleting safari reading list items on one iOS device will not affect your reading list on another iOS device.

  6. George Deuel

    I upgraded my iPad to iOS 8. Please let me know how to turn off the Reading List in Safari. It takes up too much of the screen. Thank you!

    • Matt

      If you have just upgraded to iOS 8, you will see the Reading List or bookmarks opens automatically when you run Safari on iPad and you hold your iPad horizontally. If you hold your iPad vertically, it will not show up. To turn off the reading list in Safari, simply tab on the Bookmark icon from the top left corner of your browser, it will then close the reading list and you will find the bookmark icon is no longer hightlighted in blue background, its background changes to white. The next time when you open Safari, you should not see the reading list opens automatically.

      • pepe

        Thanks so much for your advice Matt – this has been driving me mad but you have helped solve the problem – once I had worked out where the bookmark icon was to be found!

        • Matt

          Hi Pepe,
          It is my pleasure.
          Also I am glad to know this guide was helpful.

  7. Pranava

    Thank you very much!
    Great help!

    • Matt

      You are welcome.
      Thanks for the feedback.

  8. Teresa Dovalpage

    Thank you so much! I came here looking for a way to turn off the reading list!

    • Matt

      You are most welcome.
      Thanks for letting us know it was helpful to you.

  9. Lone

    Thank you for this. The reading list is automatically open in landscape mode. I tried tapping the bookmark icon and it stays highlighted. I can’t access preferences to shut it off. I can’t seem to get rid of it. I am ios8

    • Matt

      Hi Lone,
      Can you please refer to my messages in reply to @George Deuel on October 29, 2014?
      I have tested on iOS 8.1.2 on my iPad, it worked just fine.
      If you find it does not work, make sure to quite Safari app on iPad from the multitask bar so the app will be closed completely other than still run at the background.

  10. Cecilia

    That helped a lot!! U saved a life!! Haha right:)

    • Matt

      Glad to know this guide was helpful to you!

  11. Gerry Ryan

    Thank you, very easy to understand and very helpful!

    • Matt

      You are welcome.
      Thanks for the positive feedback.

  12. Linda

    Thank you this was very helpful, but. Now I have another question all of a sudden I,can’t tap on the reading list and get it to close. What happened how can I correct this?

    • Matt

      Can you please refer to my messages in reply to @George Deuel on October 29, 2014?
      I have tested on iOS 8.1.2 on my iPad, it worked just fine.
      Make sure to quite Safari app on iPad and try again if you find it does not work. You can refer to this guide to completely shut down apps on iOS devices.

  13. pat

    Thank you very much for solving this problem for me,
    isn’t it nice to share our knowledge?

    • Matt

      You are welcome.
      Thanks for your feedback and nice words. We are encouraged to update and add more useful content to this site.

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