Adjust volume for part of a video in iMovie

iMovie is the stock video and audio editor for Mac. We have introduced some of its very useful features in earlier posts. For example, you can use it to extract music from movie on Mac. Many users may already know how to change volume of video or audio using this free tool on Mac. See how you can adjust music volume in iMovie on Mac. Is it possible to adjust the volume of a sound track for part of the song in iMovie?

Instead of adjust the volume for the whole audio track or movie, you need to firstly select the range or portion of the video or movie in iMovie before adjusting its volume. 

You do not have to split the video into several clips, then adjust the volume separately. There is a hidden feature in iMovie allows us to select any part of a video and change the volume for the selected part. 

With the waveform displayed in the timeline at the lower section of iMovie, click to high light the waveform, you will then see the yellow box around the waveform. Press R key on your keyboard, the mouse cursor over the waveform turns into the Range Selection pointer. Now press and hold your mouse and drag across the sound track in the timeline to select the part you like to edit. Release the R key, drag the start and end point, fine-tune your selection in conjunction with the built-in media player. 

adjust volume for part of an audio clip in imovie on mac

In the selected range of the audio, drag the volume control line up or down to increase or decrease its volume. If like, you can even fine-tune volume adjustments for a single audio clip by dividing it into multiple ranges.