How to batch download images from web pages on your computer ?

Are you forced to take screenshots of online images since you are not allowed to save them directly? Do you want to download high quality images other than thumbnails of them? Don’t want to manually fetch online pictures or photos one by one? You just need Image Assistant, a browser add-on which can help you download all images from web pages in one click. Image Assistant is a browser extension for Chrome, Edge and Firefox that allows users to batch download images, pictures from websites to your Windows PC or Mac.

Why we recommend the image downloader?

  1. Easy to install and use;
  2. Free;
  3. Filter images;
  4. Convert image formats.

Normally we can right click on an image, then choose Save as to download it from web page to our local machine. This method however is tedious when you have many photos need to download. And it doesn’t even work on many websites or what you can get is only thumbnails other than high quality source pictures. With this browser add-on, the downloading of online images has never been easier before.

Firstly go to add it to your web browser. It is available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Go to the previous linked page to get it for free before we continue.

We will use Chrome browser on a Windows 10 PC in the demo below. Once installed, click the Extensions icon at the top right corner of Chrome browser to display the list of all extensions. Click the pushpin icon so that the icon turns blue and you will then be able to quickly access this image downloader after the address bar.

Open the web page with images that you like to obtain. Click the image downloader icon to expand its main menu as below.

ImageAssistant Batch Image Downloader for Chrome

Alternatively you can right click on the blank area to show the context menu, then access Image Assistant from there.

access image assistant from context menu with your web browser

Then choose Extract Current Page. We will demonstrate how this downloading mode works only in this demo. You can try and explorer other modes. Wait a few seconds for the batch image downloader to fetch and display all images on the page. You can then filter images by type, resolution or URL to select only the pictures you need.

image assistant batch downloader to filter, select and download images from web page

Click Download Selected button, then the Save Path dialog pops up where you can but don’t have to configure the save options. Simply hit Continue button to download all the images you have selected from the web page to the Downloads folder on your computer. Once the download completes, click Open Download Folder button to view all saved images.

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  1. This method only works if all the images are on the page. If the current page only contains thumbnails that links other pages with the full images, you will have to use a dedicated image downloader tool like wfdownloader.

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