Change image file format using Preview on Mac

All digital pictures come with a certain file format or type, like JPG, JPEG, JPE, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF, and many more. Sometimes however the original picture type or format needs to be changed to a different type for format. In another guide, we discussed how you can change picture types and formats in Windows 10 using the system pre-installed app, MS Paint. Today, we will show Mac users how to accomplish that by using a Mac.

Change image file format using Preview on Mac

Preview app is the default app in Mac OS X for users to open, preview and edit photos and pictures. It can also help you change picture format. If you want to do so, simply follow below steps.

Open Finder on your Mac, browse to the album or folder where your source pictures are saved. If your photos are stored on a mobile device, such as a digital camera, mobile phone or tablet, you need to transfer the photos from mobile to Mac in advance. You can refer to this guide to transfer photos, videos, music between iPhone and computer over Wi-Fi using a free iPhone file manager app which can be downloaded from Apple App Store for free. After that double click to open the source photo using Preview app on Mac. Optionally you can go to edit the photos using Preview if like. Here we will go straight to change photo format using Preview without any other modification. Click the File menu from the top Apple bar, then select Export from the drop-down list.

preview file menu export option on mac

After that you will see a pop-up dialogue with options you can save the image file. Click to expand the Format selection list, you can see JPEG, JPEG-2000, OpenEXR, PDF, PNG, TIFF and so on. Choose your target photo file type or format, click the Save button, your source picture will be converted to the target file format using Preview app on Mac computer. See also this tutorial to convert images to PDF on Mac. This article shows how you can load image files to Preview app and save them as PDF documents for free on Mac.

change image file format using preview on mac