Combine multiple images into one PDF on Mac

There are various reasons you may want to join two or more images, pictures, photos, screenshot, into one PDF file. You can use Adobe Acrobat or other PDF editors to combine image files directly into single PDF document. If you own a Mac, it is very easy to merge multiple images or screenshots into one PDF. You do not have to install any third-party software. The built-in Preview app that comes with every Mac is able to do that. In a related article, we have demonstrated how you can merge two or more photos into one on Mac using Preview. If you like to merge multiple JPG, JPEG, PNG or other image files into one PDF for easier distribution or other purpose, just follow these steps.

Convert images to PDF via Finder Quick Actions on Mac

Since Mac Mojave (Mac OS 10.14), we can find the Quick Actions feature in Finder. It gives us tools to perform quick edits to your files, right in the Finder, so we don’t have to launch an app. The Quick Actions works with images, documents, and other files. We can use it to quickly convert one or more pictures into PDF on Mac without using any third-party apps.

Locate and select the pictures in Finder. Right click on them, choose Quick Actions from the context menu, then select Create PDF from the sub-menu. A new PDF file will be created and saved in the same folder as the source image files. This is the easiest way you can create a PDF file from images on Mac.

convert images to pdf in finder via quick actions on mac

Merge multiple images into one PDF on Mac with Preview

Create a folder in Finder, drag and drop the images, pictures, photos, or screenshots to the folder. Rename the image files so they get sorted the way you want. For example, you can rename them to image1, image2, image 3, etc. Once you have them in the right order, select them all, and right click on them. Select Open with > Preview from the popup menu. The Preview app opens with the image thumbs displayed at the left panel, the image preview at the right pane.

combine multiple images to one pdf using preview on mac

Click File menu, select Print… from the drop-down list. Click the PDF in the lower-left corner of the dialog box to access additional options and select Save As PDF. On the Save As dialog box, you can choose a different file name for the PDF file, choose a location to save it and finally click Save button. You’re done!

Rotate images in PDF

When you found some images upside down or sideways in the preview, click Show Details button in the Printer dialog box, you will then find the options to manually rotate images one by one in the PDF file or simply disable the Auto Rotate option so no pictures will be rotated in the PDF file.

Update Nov 2018: This article was originally published in Oct 2018. In this update, the method to create PDF from images in Finder was added. Works for Mac Mojave (Mac OS 10.14) and later.