Convert male or female voice with Audition

What makes a voice feminine versus masculine? Pitch is one of the most important factors to consider. Female voice is usually higher than male voice. But certainly is not limited to pitches. There is a pitch overlap between men and women. Many things in our voices are mutable to make them sound more feminine or masculine. Today, we will show you an easy way to alter voice pitches and thus change your voice from male to female or female to male. Adobe Audition is a versatile audio editor. We will use it as the voice changer on a Windows 10 PC to convert men’s voice to women’s or the other way around in this article.

Run Adobe Audition on your computer. Open the voice recording saved on your computer using Audition. If not yet, you can also use Audition to record your voices on Windows computer, or even record audio, music, radio from internet using Audition. Drag across the sound wave to select the section of your voice recording that you want to edit. Choose Effects > Time and Pitch > Stretch and Pitch (process). Find and drag the Pitch Shift bar to tonally shifts audio up or down. To raise pitch to make the voice sounds more feminine or lower pitch to make it sounds more masculine.  

change pitch, raise pitch, lower pitch in Audition for Windows

Click the Play button at the bottom left corner to play the sound, then change the pitch, raise or lower the pitch until you are satisfied with the result. Hit the Apply button at the bottom right to apply the change of pitch to the voice recording. Finally go to the File > Save or Save as to save it change to existing audio file or save it as a new file without overwriting the existing one.