Convert pages to Word, PDF on Mac

Pages is a powerful word processor from Apple. Apple provide us Pages app to create documents on Mac and iOS devices. You can even use it to open, edit and convert Microsoft Word documents on Mac. The same thing however does not happen with Microsoft Word on a Windows PC. We can’t open pages using Word on Windows PC. If you have a Apple document in .pages format want to share with Windows users, you may consider converting it to Word or PDF format on Mac first. Here are the quick steps to do that.

Find the pages file in Finder, double click to open it on Mac. Go to File menu, choose Export To, then select PDF or Word in the sub-menu, choose a different file name and location if need, and finally save it in the new format. It is very easy and straightforward.

convert pages to pdf, word on Mac
convert pages to pdf, word on Mac

Convert pages to PDF, Word on Windows computer

Windows users can also convert Apple pages documents to PDF or Word format on PC using iCloud for web or a document converter. We will cover this issue in another post later.

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