Convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation using Adobe Acrobat

When you want to use a PDF file as presentation slides or need to make changes to it, converting the PDF files to PowerPoint presentations may be a good idea. After that you will be able to edit and update the presentation slides, create and deliver effective presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint application. There are various software tools you can use to convert a PDF file to PowerPoint PPTX. In this quick guide, we will show you how to achieve that with Adobe Acrobat on computer. We will use its Windows version on a Windows 10 PC, if you are on Mac, you will see slight difference in appearance.

Quick steps to convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation using Acrobat

Run Acrobat on your computer, open the PDF file in Acrobat, click File menu at the top left. Select Save As Other… from the drop-down menu list, select Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation from the sub-menu.

convert pdf to microsoft powerpoint presentation using adobe acrobat pro on windows pc

You will get a new dialog where you can enter a new file name and choose a different location to save the PPT file to.

When you finish converting PDFs to PowerPoint using Acrobat, you will get PPTX PowerPoint files. Open them in Microsoft PowerPoint to edit. Your formats should be saved during the conversion, so no bother reformatting them.

Converting PDF to PowerPoint presentation without Acrobat

Without Adobe Acrobat, you can download and use a third-party PDF converter to turn your PDF files into PPT or PPTX slides. For example, you can use this PDF converter to convert PDF to PowerPoint on computer. It is not only easier than Adobe Acrobat, but also support mass PDF conversion.

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