Create animated GIF on Mac

Want to know how to create animated GIF images on Mac? You need a GIF creator for that. There are many paid GIF makers on Mac App Store. But if you need to create some basic GIFs without fancy features, such as stunning transition effects, stickers, collages, you can try PicGIF for Mac. It comes with both free and paid versions. You can download a free copy of PicGIF Lite that has limited capabilities, but quite good for a free verson.

Here are the quick steps to convert static images to animated GIF on Mac:

Download and install the free GIF maker from previous linked page onto your Mac. Run the GIF creator from the Launchpad. You will be prompted to select either Photo or Video. You can not only convert photos to GIF but also convert short video clips to GIF on Mac. In this case, we are going to create GIF from pictures, so select Photos and then browse to your photo album to import them to the GIF maker. You will then see its main screen like this.

PicGIF Lite for Mac
PicGIF Lite for Mac

At the upper section of the GIF maker, you can see the GIF player on the left, the configuration panel on the right. The source images will be displayed at the lower section. Drag and drop the image thumbnails to re-order them and put them in the right sequence you like.

Go to the Properties panel to choose your preferred image size, orientation, fill mode, background color, speed, frame delay, image quality. Switch to the Effect panel to apply ready-made effects or manually adjust saturation, hue, exposure, contrast, brightness, etc.

Click the Play button above the GIF player to preview the GIF and changes you have made.

Finally click the Create GIF button at the top right corner to select a file name and location to save the GIF image on your Mac.

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