PicGIF for Mac

PicGIF enables you to quickly create incredible animated GIFs from photos or short videos. It’s easy to customize GIF Size, Sequence, Frame Delay, and to add text and stickers, etc. After a satisfying GIF is done, you can share the GIF with your friends via E-Mail, iMessage, Tumblr or simply save it in Finder on your computer.

PicGIF Lite for Mac


  • Turn continuous snapshots to animated GIFs.
  • Re-edit existing GIFs. Adjust its size, speed and add text, etc.
  • Create GIF photo slideshows from your life photos.
  • Transfer short videos to smooth and animating GIFs.


  • Support vast number of file formats
  • Support hundreds of image formats like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, TGA, RAW, PIC, etc. and any image size.
  • Support almost all common video formats: MOV, MPEG, MP4, M4V, 3GP, AVI and more.
  • Support combining multiple formats – images, GIFs, and videos into a new single GIF.

Editing features

  • With agile text editor, you can insert text and personalize its Font, Style, Size, Color, Outline and Shadow at ease.
  • Support trimming your favorite clip of a video/movie to create GIF.
  • Apply popular image effects and adjustments.
  • Add great stickers to refine your GIF.
  • Support managing overlays of stickers and text – freely set their opacity and adjust layers.
  • Customize frame range of stickers and text: you can decide the start and end of frames that displaying the sticker/text.

GIF customization

  • Easily set FPS or Frame Delay to control the GIF animation speed.
  • Set GIF Size, Fill Mode and playing Sequence.
  • Easily change the frame order by dragging.
  • Support choosing GIF quality before exporting it.
  • Real-time preview enables you to preview the GIF before export.

Save and share

  • Export the GIF to Finder.
  • Send via E-Mail.
  • Send via iMessage.
  • Share on Tumblr.

Download & Availability

  • PicGIF Lite: the free version with limited feature(you cannot add text/caption to images, can’t trim video, can’t add stickers, etc.)
  • PicGIF Pro: the full version with all features above

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