Download Free Books to Android Phone

Do you like reading? Why not download free ebooks on to your phone so you can read books any time you like on the go? My favorite free book downloading site is Gutenberg. If you are searching for any good ebooks download resources, you should check it out. We will show you how to download free books from this site to your Android phones below.

Download Free Books to Android Phone

Open the above ebook downloading website with your browser on mobile phone. Browse to different categories or search for the book you like on the phone. When you find a book, you will get a page with download links to various file formats like below.

download free books to android phone

Each book comes with various formats for your choice. You can select and download ebooks in the right file format on to Android phones. You can choose ePub books that are compatible with almost all book readers across different mobile OS, like Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Phones. See how to download free books to iPhone iPad iPod touch? Books in plain text should be available for free download as well, however they lack of style. My favorite is to download these free EPUB books with image or without images if the book is too big so I can save space on the phone.

Read Books on Android Phones

There are just too many book readers for Android you can use to manage and read ebooks on the phone. You can download from Google Play store or any other resources. I like iReader app very much, it comes with both Android and iOS versions.

ireader app for android

Run iReader for Android on your phone, then press the Menu button on your phone or the upward arrow on the bottom left corner to bring up the menu of iReader app for Android.

ireader ebook app menu

Open iReader menu and select Import to add downloaded ebooks to the reader for Android. The Android book reader itself allows you to download free books within the app as well.

import books to ireader for android

From the books import options screen, choose Read books saved in phone. This option helps users load books downloaded from external sources or third party websites into the book reader.

add books to library in ireader for android

iReader for Android is smart enough to find your downloaded ebook on the phone. You can then select the books and tap on Add to Library. When you add books to iReader library on Android phone, you will be able to run the book reader on the phone to manage and read the book imported. In case the book reader failed to find your downloaded or saved books on the phone. You can choose My directory from above screen to manually browse to the directory where your books are saved and load them into the book reader.

Move eBooks on Android Phones

If you have a file manager app for Android installed on the phone, you can easily move download ebook files from one folder to another. You can also do that through a computer. Connect your Android phone to computer through USB data cable. Books downloaded would normally be saved to a ‘download’ folder. You can move downloaded books from this folder to your default folder for the Android book reader. To put all your ebooks in one folder, you can easily back up or transfer books in the future. If you have saved books on computer, you can also copy the books from computer to Android phone. Using a PC in the middle, you can also transfer books from one Android to another Android phone or tablets easily.