Keyb: the one-handed keyboard for Mac

Keyb is the one-handed keyboard app for Mac which helps you with fast typing with only one hand on Mac.

Type with one hand, no special hardware required! It’s also great for permanent and temporary disabilities, or tasks where you want to keep one hand on the mouse, like gaming or spreadsheets.

Keyb: the one-handed keyboard for Mac

How does it work?

Launch the keyboard app on your Mac, you will be prompted to enable one-handed typing. Just click to enable it. If it is the first time you run it, you have to grant the app permission to watch your keystrokes. Scroll down to the lower section of this post to see how to grant the app the required access.

Now, simply hold down the spacebar, and the left and right half of your keyboard magically swap places. There’s no need to configure which hand you are going to use. The two halves are mirrored, so if you would normally type a letter with your left middle finger, use your right middle finger. The same is true in the other direction. If you can already touch-type, you’ll be surprised how quickly your brain gets used to it!


  • You have to grant the app permission to watch your keystrokes. You can grant the accessibility access from System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility.
  • Keyb has not been tested with any keyboard layouts other than US-English QWERTY. Other layouts or languages may work.


It is available for free on Mac App Store here.

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