Resize image using Paint 3D in Windows 11

If you have captured high quality photos using your digital camera or smart phones, the file size would be very large. When you upload them to websites or transfer them to other people or devices, it may take a long time or even time out. In such case, you need to make changes to their size using a photo editor. If you have upgraded to the latest Windows 11 on your PC, you have several options. For example, you can use the classic Paint app to adjust photo size, you can also use the Paint 3D or the Photos app to shrink the picture file size. In this guide, we will show you how to easily resize an image using Microsoft Paint 3D on Windows 11 computer.

Resize image in Paint 3D

In the Windows Search bar, type in “Paint 3D” to quickly find and launch the Paint 3D app on your PC.

Browse to the folder to find the image or photo you like to edit and open it with Paint 3D. Once the image file is opened in Paint 3D, click the View more options, three dots button, from the top toolbar. Choose Canvas options from the drop-down menu, you will then find the Canvas options on the right hand side.

Resize image using Paint 3D in Windows 11

Here you can find the specific width and height of the photo in pixels. Make sure to enable both Lock aspect ratio and Resize image with canvas options, otherwise your photo will get distorted and stretched. After that, input the new width or height. Finally go to save the resized copy as a new file without overwriting the original copy. In this case, you can always re-edit the original photo or picture to get the ideal size you like.

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