Listary for Windows

Listary is a powerful search utility for Windows that makes finding your files and launching applications blazing fast.

bopsoft listary for windows

Find as You Type

Start typing the name of the file or folder you need, from practically anywhere within the Windows OS environment. Listary browser window immediately opens with a list of matching files, folders or apps.

Disk Search

Quickly find files and folders across every drive on your system. Instead of Window’s default needing to select one drive at a time, simply open an Explorer window or start typing in an existing window, and Disk Search will find exactly what you’re looking for, on any drive attached to your system, at blazing fast speeds.

Launch Apps

Press the Ctrl key twice to bring up the search window, type the name of the program or application you want to open, or use a shortcode, click return, and Listary opens the program. Listary uses your launch and search history to refine and improve search results automatically, creating an even faster workflow the more you use it.

Quick Switch

Are you tired of digging through a slew of open windows to work with files in a program? With Listary’s Quick Switch feature, just click Ctrl+G to instantly jump to the open folder of the file you’re working with.

Actions & Context Menus

Inside any Listary search menu, all you have to do to manipulate a selected file or folder is simply press the right-arrow key. Immediately you’ll see the file’s context menu pop up. From there all of Listary’s commands are at your fingertips. Fewer clicks means faster workflow!

Favorites & History

With Listary’s Favorites & History function, you can add folders to a Favorites section and browse window history with the click of a button for easy access. Just like the Bookmark function in your favorite web browser.


Using Listary’s Command functions, you can use a set of hot-key commands to quickly complete tasks such as Open Last Folder, Explore Current Folder, Copy Folder Path, Go To Application Folder, Export List to CSV, Show Hidden Files and more. All using a single click or key command.

Web Search & Website Launch

Type your search directly in Listary’s command window to launch a browser window for any website or search engine. Listary includes a plethora of keyword queries for popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, Google Maps and many more.


Listary’s Mouse accessory lets you double-click anywhere in the Windows environment to open a power menu with all of your most frequently accessed files and folders, as well as disk menus. Or simply click the Ctrl key twice to open a Listary search toolbar on-screen.

Download & buy

It comes with both Free and Pro editions. Download the free edition or upgrade to the Pro edition for just $19.95 from its official website here. Get your Pro license instantly and enjoy Life-time free updates.

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