No Wi-fi Direct share on Android?

There are various ways to share files and documents between two mobile phones, such as Bluetooth, Email, messaging apps, cloud storage services, file transfer apps, NFC, nearby sharing tools, etc. Each has its own advantages and limitations. The choice of method depends on factors such as file size, file type, devices’ capabilities, etc.

wifi direct

Wi-Fi Direct, often referred to as peer-to-peer or P2P technology, provides us another great wireless file exchange solution. Like Bluetooth, WiFi Direct works without the need for internet connectivity. However, it extends the reach of device connectivity beyond Bluetooth’s capacities. Wi-Fi Direct is generally faster than Bluetooth, thus better suited for transferring large files or batches of files. We can find Wi-Fi Direct on a wide range of devices and brands, like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, LG, Google Pixcel, Huawei, etc. The use of it may vary slightly depending on your device. Generally speaking, you can access your devices’ Settings to enable Wi-Fi and then Wi-Fi Direct. After that you will be able to pair two devices nearby via Wi-Fi Direct. One common issue many Android users found that they can’t find Wi-fi Direct option in the Share menu on Android. So how can we transfer files via Wifi Direct on mobile phone?

I have a Tecno mobile which is running on Android 10, and a Huawei phone which is running on Android 9. I can find and enable Wi-Fi Direct on both phones. Then can connect to each other with Wi-Fi direct but no option listed under sharing in the gallery on the Tecno phone and Huawei told me that Wi-Fi Direct share can only happen between Huawei devices. And we also noticed that Wi-Fi direct is not supported in many devices that runs on Android 11.

Generally speaking, when you can enable Wi-Fi Direct and connect devices via it, you should still be able to receive files using Wi-Fi Direct if the sender has it in the Share menu on his phone. If you have the Wi-fi direct in the settings, but you are no longer able to use it as a sharing option, you can’t use it to send someone a file. What’s worse, the Wifi direct share method will be missing on more recent phones. Also keep in mind that different manufacturers tend to make the Wi-Fi Direct connection somewhat proprietary. If you’re trying Wi-Fi direct with different phone brands, it may not work. For example, you can’t transfer files from Huawei phone to other Android phones as we mentioned above, LG’s version won’t be compatible with Xiaomi’s or Samsung’s version.

If you can’t use Wi-Fi Direct to send files to other devices any more. You can use Nearby Share, Bluetooth or other ways to share files and documents as we mentioned in the first paragraph above instead.

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