Play and convert OPUS on Mac

Opus is a fast, free and lossy audio codec. It is very popular with telephony applications, such as in Skype, WhatsApp and Google Hangouts. Since macOS High Sierra , Mac comes with native playback support for Opus audios. Only those Opus audios in a CAF container is supported though. The .opus file extension or container is not recognized by Mac OS. iTunes can’t play .opus audios, neither can QuickTime Player. You need a third party media player if you want to play Opus audios or music on Mac. We recommend this video player & converter that can play OPUS on Mac.

play, convert opus on Mac using video converter wnds

Play OPUS on Mac for free

Install and run the above media player on your Mac. Click the Add Files button, browse to the OPUS files saved on your computer and load them to the media player. Alternatively you can just drag and drop the OPUS files from Finder to the player. You will then see a screen as shown above. Hover over the music icon in the media player, the Play button appears, click on it to play the OPUS audio.

Convert OPUS to AAC, M4A, MP3 or else

As you can see it is a video converter with built-in media player. It is able to play all major video and audio types. Other than that, you can also use it to convert audio and video files too.

Once the OPUS files were added to the media player and converter program on your Mac, select an audio format from the ‘Convert all tasks to‘ box at the upper right section. You can choose AAC, M4A, MP3 or any other audio format you want. Then hit the Convert button at the bottom right corner to transcode the OPUS file and save it in the selected audio format.

The converted file can be found at the output folder of the video converter program. You can find it in Finder, then add it to iTunes, play it with QuickTime Player or other music players you have on your Mac.


  • You can use the above media player and converter to play all kinds of videos and audios on your Mac for free. You can also use it to convert audio and video files too. A license is required though. Otherwise you can only convert part of the OPUS files. To convert OPUS or other audios videos in full length, you need to buy the full version.
  • The video converter comes with both Windows and Mac versions. If you are on Windows PC, you can follow this tutorial to play and convert OPUS audios on PC.