Record PC system audio with Snagit

Snagit is a well-known screen capture software with many bonus features for both Windows and Mac. Video recording is another appealing feature we like. It becomes much easier and more intuitive to record screen videos on computer, you can record the entire desktop, region, window, then edit and share your screen videos with just a few clicks. Everyone can create high quality videos using this video capture tool. Audio is an important part in video making. Snagit allows users to add audio from microphone and/or computer sound card to your video recordings. In this article, we will show you how it can help us record system audio while recording a video on Windows PC.

Run the video recorder and screen capture on your PC. Switch from the All-in-one tab to the Video tab. You will find the Record Microphone option is enabled by default. So you can directly record external sound using your mic. To record sound from your computer speakers or internal sound from your computer system, click to turn on Record System Audio. Then press the red Capture button to select the region or window to start recording both screen video and system audio on your PC. If you want to record only system audio in Snagit, you can disable the sound recording from your microphone.

snagit 2018 video capture

Is there any way to record only audio in Snagit?

No currently you can’t record only audio without the video using Snagit. Windows users can make use of the stock Voice Recorder to record sound on Windows 10 computer.

If you like to record system audio only, you need to use a third-party sound recorder. Check out this tutorial to record system audio or streaming music on PC, and this guide for system audio recording on Mac.

It might seem like an old-fashion method, you can even rip the audio from your video captured using Snagit following this video to audio converting guide.