Save a webpage as PDF in Windows

There several ways you can save a web page for the quick access in the future using the new Edge browser on Windows computer. You can add the site pages to your bookmark or reading list. This however requires the internet connection. And you can’t transfer the saved pages to other devices. Saving a web page as PDF document solves all these problems. By doing so, you save a copy of the website page as PDF on your local storage so you can open and view it without Wi-Fi networks. If you like, sending the saved PDF files to your mobile phone or tablet, so you can carry them on the go. In this quick guide, we will show you how it can be done.

How to save a web page as PDF document in Edge for Windows?

Open the default internet explorer, Edge, on your Windows PC, visit the website page that you like to download and save. Wait for all the web content to be loaded. Normally big photos would take longer to be fully loaded. Then press Ctrl+P, or click the side menu (ellipsis icon) at the top right corner, choose Print from the menu, the printing dialogue pops up.

As usual, the classic Microsoft XPS Document Writer might be selected as the default printer. To save a web page as PDF on Windows computer, switch from the Microsoft XPS Document Writer to Microsoft Print to PDF, optionally adjust the page settings and then click the Print button at the bottom left section to choose a folder on your PC and save the PDF file to it.

Windows edge browser to save web page as pdf via microsoft print to pdf

Save a clean web page as PDF without ads, menu, video, etc

Do you want to exclude the menu, banner ads, header, footer, sidebars, advertisements and video clips in the page when exporting it as PDF? Enabling the Immersive Reader mode in Edge browser to strip those unwanted distractions from a web page in the browser.

Once the page is fully loaded, you should be able to find the Enter Immersive Reader icon after the URL link in the address bar, click on this icon to render the page without irrelevant contents. No ads, annoying videos, distracting banner ads, menu, etc. Alternatively you can press F9 on your keyboard to quickly enter immersive reader mode in Edge browser.

You can then go to print and to save the web page as a clean PDF documents from Edge browser to your computer hard drive on Windows computer.

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