How to set a song as your ringtone on Samsung mobile phones?

To change your default ringtone on Samsung Galaxy phones, you can head to the Settings >> Sound >> Ringtones and choose another song, audio, voice recording as the new ringtone. This is the way most people have their ringtones changed on Samsung mobile phone. You can find more details from this guide to set new ringtones on Samsung phones. However this is actually the most difficult way as many steps are required. For example, if you want to set a song as new ringtones on Samsung phone, you can actually launch the Music app on Samsung device and directly set it as the ringtone on Samsung mobile. Check out below steps if you want to do so.

How to set a song as your ringtone on Samsung mobile phones?

Every Samsung phone comes with a music app built-in. Run this stock Music app on Samsung phone, find and play the song you like to use as the new ringtone. Touch the More Options (three dots) icon at the top right corner, choose “Set as” from the drop-down menu, you will be taken to another screen where you can find three items: Phone ringtone, Caller ringtone and Alarm tone.

set a song as ringtone on Samsung mobile phones

Tap Phone ringtone and touch Done to set the selected song as new ringtone on Samsung phone. If you like to set this specific audio or music track as ringtone for specific contact or phone number, choose Caller ringtone, then choose the target contact.

Convert video, audio to ringtones for Samsung phone

Normally you do not need to convert a music as Samsung phone accepts various audio formats as ringtones. If you want to extract audio from video or movie and use it as ringtone, or if your source music is in a not so common format that your phone can’t recognize it, you can refer to this guide to create ringtones for Samsung phones. You can find many useful tips from previous linked article, such as trimming audios to short clips for ringtone, converting audio formats, etc.

Record sound and use as ringtones on Samsung phone

You can make use of the Voice Recorder app on Samsung phones to record any voice, sound, music or audio and use it as new ringtones on the phone. See this tutorial to use voice recordings as ringtones on Samsung Galaxy phones.