Setup VPN on Samsung Mobile Phones

You may already know how to set up VPN service on a desktop computer, such as Windows PC or Mac OS X, but do you know you can also add VPN to mobile phones. Most smart phones nowadays support VPN (Virtual Private Network). For example you can set up VPN on iPhone to access the internal network of your computer, or access the public network. Sometimes when sites you want to browse are blocked, VPN is the best way to access blocked websites. In this guide, we will demonstrate how Samsung mobile phone users can set up VPN on Samsung mobile devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.

VPN - Virtual Private Network

How to Setup VPN on Samsung Mobile Phones?

Open Settings on Samsung phone screen. You will find the Wireless and networks section at the top section of the screen. Tap on More settings option to access the full Wireless and networks settings screen.
samsung galaxy settings

From the Wireless and networks screen, you can find all kinds of settings such as Mobile networks, Hotspot, Tethering, VPN, etc. In an earlier guide, we already discussed how you can use Samsung mobile phone as Wi-Fi Hotspot. If interested, you can go back and check out that guide now. In this demo, we will focus on VPN setting up on Samsung galaxy phones and tablets. Choose VPN as shown in below screenshot.

samsung galaxy wireless and networks settings

When the VPN settings window opens, you will get a new screen on Samsung as below. All existing VPN networks or profiles will be listed in this VPN settings screen on Samsung. The option to add new VPN account can be found below current VPN networks. Tap on Add VPN network to start setting up VPN network on Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet.

add VPN network to samsung phone

Now the Edit VPN Network window opens on Samsung. On this screen, you need to choose a name for the new VPN network in the Name box. It could be something like My VPN, VPN, Matt’s VPN, Joe’s VPN, or something else that is descriptive. VPN Type is PPTP by default, you can leave it as, change it only when you have to. PPP encryption (MPPE) option is enabled by default, no need to change it. Server address is the IP address to your VPN server. Double check the VPN server address to make sure to input the correct IP address. Tap Save button your new VPN network created on the Samsung phone.

edit vpn network on samsung phone

How to Connect to VPN on Samsung Mobile Phones?

Open VPN settings window on Samsung phone, you will find all existing VPN profiles and the option to create new VPN network on Samsung, see below screenshot.

manage vpn on samsung mobile phone

To connect to a VPN network, simply tap on the VPN network you like to connect to, a new dialogue as below pops up. Input the User name and Password of your VPN account, check Save account information so the next time you can quickly connect to this VPN network without the need to type in your VPN credentials again. Finally tap on Connect button to connect to the VPN network on your Samsung smart phone or tablet.

connect to vpn on samsung mobile phone

Extra VPN for Samsung Mobile Tips

If you can’t connect to VPN on Samsung due to the wrong VPN server address, you can go to the VPN settings window on Samsung phone, long press on the VPN network to reveal the Edit network option and change your VPN settings and configuration. Alternatively you can also delete the VPN on Samsung phone and repeat the steps to add new VPN network to Samsung phone again.

edit vpn network settings on samsung phone

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