How to tile apps or windows on Mac?

Do you want to tile two apps or windows horizontally on Mac? On Mac, you can easily arrange two applications or windows side-by-side, maximizes a window to the left side of the screen, maximizes the other window to the right half of the screen, without using any third-party apps.

Launch the two apps that you want to display them on the screen side by side on your Mac. Click to bring up the the first app or window to the front. We will use Safari browser in this demo. At the top left corner of the app window, you will find three buttons, the red button to close window, the yellow button to minimize a window and the green button to maximize the window. Hover your mouse cursor over the Maximize button, you will get a drop-down menu with three options: Enter Full Screen, Tile Window to Left of Screen, Tile Window to Right of Screen. See below screenshot.

tile safari window to screen left right mac
tile safari window to screen left right mac

You can choose to tile the first window or app to the left or right half of your Mac’s screen. After that, the other side of the screen turns into a mini-Expose, just like the Mission Control which shows you all of your currently open windows. Simply click to select the window tile to open it on the other side on your Mac. The two programs or windows will be arranged horizontally in full screen mode. By default, both apps take up half the screen. They can be resized though. There will be a horizontal line between them, you can drag and drop this separator line to resize the two windows.

How to quit the side by side full screen split view?

Mouse over the top left corner of a window to reveal the green button which is now the ‘Exit Full Screen‘ button, click on it to exist full screen view mode. Repeat the same steps to exit full screen for the other app.

More options to tile or rearrange apps and windows on Mac

There are a lot of third-party apps you can use to tile or rearrange apps and windows on Mac, such as Magnet, Spectacle, etc. These apps usually come with more advanced controls and features. For example, you may also want to tile two apps vertically, one app or window takes up the top half of the screen, the other app the bottom half; or position a certain app to a certain area like top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, left third, left two thirds, right third, right two thirds, etc.

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