How to add watermark to video for free on Windows computer?

You don’t want to publish a video online or share a video in your social networks without the protection of a logo or watermark, do you? A watermark is a quick and easy way to protect your videos online, so others can’t steal your videos or use them without due credit. There are different ways to watermark videos. For example, you can tweak your camera settings to apply watermarks when you shoot the video. You can also use a video editing software to add your logo, picture or any text to your videos as watermarks. Some websites would allow users to watermark their videos during the upload process.

A watermark is basically a still image that overlaps a video or another image. People would usually create a logo and use it as a watermark on photos and videos. You can also use your name or brand as watermark. A watermark mostly sits in one of the corners of your video. Most of the time it will be transparent as to not interfere with the photo or video itself.

In earlier posts, we introduced several different ways and programs you can use to watermark videos on computer. For example, you can follow these steps to watermark videos on PC and Mac using Camtasia Studio which is powerful and expensive too. Filmora is a cheap alternative to Camtasia Studio. It can also help us easily add watermarks to videos on computer. In fact, we have other free options too if you don’t want to buy any of these premium advanced video software tools.

Today, we will show you how to watermark your video, add your logo to a video for free using Format Factory on your Windows PC. Unlike other freeware, this one does not have annoying ads. And you don’t need to register or sign up an account. You can find more feature and download Format Factory free media tool from this page.

Add watermark to video for free on Windows computer

Run Format Factory on your Windows PC. Open its Video category, choose an output format. You can set your photo’s format as MP4, MKV, WebM, AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV, 3GP, MPG, VOB, OGG, etc. I selected MP4 for its cross-platform compatibility.

format factory for windows - video converter
format factory for windows – video converter

The Convert to MP4 screen opens where you can add video clips to the converter. Click Add Files to browse to your media album to import the source videos. After that you will see a list of videos in the middle. You can access and change Output Settings at the top right corner. Add new files you’d like to watermark from the bottom right and choose a different location and folder to save the output files from the bottom left section.

convert video to mp4 using format factory for windows

Click to open Output Settings, select settings such as size, quality, codec, and so on. Click Watermark button at the bottom right corner to open it in a new window.

add picture, logo, text as watermark on video using format factory on windows computer

If you have created a digital signature or logo, click Add Picture to import it from your computer to the Watermark tool. Drag and drop the watermark on the background image to move it to a new place. You’ll see options to rotate your logo or watermark and scale it. If you don’t have a still image to be used as watermark on the video, hit Add Text button at the right pane. Type in any text you like to use as the watermark, your name, brand, website address, etc. There will be many settings you can tweak to customize the text watermark, such as font style, font size, color, effects, outline, shadow and so on. You can preview the text in real time.

Click OK button at the bottom right corner to return to the Convert to MP4 screen. Go add extra videos and watermarks if you need. After that click OK button to return to Format Factory home interface with the video conversion being added and listed to the task list on the right hand side.

Finally hit Start button to let the media software process all tasks in the list. Wait for the new video file to be generated with your watermark on it. Open the output folder of the video program to find and play the video from Windows File Manager.

Edit and watermark videos at the same time

Alongside that, the program comes with numerous additional features and options. For example, you can use it to trim long videos, join two or more video clips into one file, crop videos to get rid of unwanted part, and so on. And you will be able to watermark your videos when you edit other aspects of them.

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