Allow app auto run on Samsung mobile phone

Like Windows PC, the Android OS also support the app auto start or auto run feature. We have the option to pick what apps to run in the background automatically when we start or restart our mobile phone. I was configuring a security app trying to lock Settings on Samsung Galaxy phone and found the apps are not locked each time my phone get rebooted. I must have missed something in the settings. Turning on auto run to allow this private data locker to start automatically in the background did the trick. If anyone wants a app to auto start on Samsung phone, you can follow below instructions.

Please note that the availability of certain settings may depend on the specific model or the Android version. If you can’t find some options to be mentioned below, refer to your phone’s user manual or check Samsung’s support resources for your specific model.

About Auto-run or auto-start feature

It refers to a program or process automatically starts or runs when the system is powered on or when a specific event occurs, without requiring manual intervention from the user. For example, antivirus software will auto-start to protect your files and data immediately after booting the system. Many system processes run in the background even when you’re not actively using them, such as notifications, syncing, software updates, backups, or system maintenance. This feature can be useful when used appropriately, but it can also impact system performance and user experience if too many applications start automatically.

Method 1. Allow app auto run during installation

This is the easiest way to auto start an app on the phone. When you download and install a new app, if you see the application permission request dialogue with the auto run option, you can select to enable it.

Method 2. Enable auto start from Application Permissions

If you missed the chance to turn on auto run during the app installation process, you can also go to turn it on later from Settings >> Application permissions. See below figure.

allow app auto run on samsung phone

Method 3. Activate auto run from Application manager

Some Samsung phone model also have this option built into the App info screen. Go to Settings >> Application manager, find the app from Downloaded, SD card or All tab, tap the app name to open its App info screen, you may find the Auto Run option right below the Show notifications option. Touch to activate auto run to allow the selected app to run automatically and keep it running in the background without interruption.

Manage auto start on Android phones – extra tips

Some third party apps also has the feature to manage app auto run. Cases in point? Clean Master is a perfect example. Head to the Phone Boost section of this app, you can find the Auto-start Manager where you can choose to enable auto-run or disable it. This app however requires root access on the phone. Without rooting you can not use the auto-run manager tool within this app.

Don’t want an app to auto start on Samsung phone?

Simple. Unlock your Samsung mobile phone, tab Apps, then go to Settings >> Application Permissions, find the one you don’t want to auto start, and disable auto-run. After that, the app you stop cannot auto run unless you open the app on your mobile phone again. Alternatively, you can go to Settings >> Application manager to find the app and disable the auto run option to prevent the app from starting at boot. Of course, you can also use third party auto-run manager apps to achieve that.

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