Back up iPhone voice memos & recordings to computer

Voice Memos app on iPhone iPad iPod touch is the stock sound recorder or voice memo recorder for iOS users. You can use it to record not only voice memos but also any sound, voice, audio, music on your iPhone. When you have a long list of all kinds of recordings in the Voice Memos app on iPhone, you may need to back up them from phone to computer so as to free up space or just keep them on an external storage device for backup and data safety. There are various ways you can export voice memos from iPhone to computer or other devices. For example, you can send voice memos from iPhone via email. This however can help you transfer or share individual voice memos or sound recordings on iPhone. To batch back up multiple or all voice recordings on iPhone, you will need iTunes or a third party iOS data backup software. In this quick guide, we will introduce a third party iPhone data backup solution which is much easier than iTunes.

iPhone file backup is a tool bundled with the iOS toolkit software.

ios toolkit dcfon

To export iPhone voice memos & recordings to computer using the above iPhone data backup program, just follow these steps.

How to back up voice memos from iPhone to computer?

Run the iOS toolkit on your PC or Mac, click Backup & Restore to open the backup program in a new window.

mobile phone backup restore program windows dcfon

Connect your iPhone to computer via USB and choose Voice Memos from the file types selection screen, then click Backup button at the bottom section of this iPhone data backup program. The iPhone file backup software will then search all voice memos and sound recordings on iPhone and save them to your computer.

backup iphone ipad files data to windows pc dcfon

See also this guide to backup iPhone voice memos using the new version of this iPhone data backup and restore tool.

Transfer iPhone voice memos to computer

Once you have backed up the voice memos. Go back to the home screen of the iPhone backup tool, click View Backup History, open and view the voice memos in the backup file. You can choose any voice memos, then click Export to PC button at the bottom right corner, a pop-up dialogue shows in your computer screen which the option to select a folder on your PC or Mac to save the iPhone voice memos. The voice memos will be exported from iPhone to computer and saved as .m4a audio file format.

Convert iPhone voice memos to MP3

You can play them using your music players on computer. If you run into incompatibility issues, you can follow this guide to convert iPhone voice memos to MP3 which is the most popular audio and music file format.

Combine two or more iPhone voice memos

If you have two or more voice memos or sound recordings from iPhone, you may want to join them together. For example, you have recorded a lecture which is very long and saved them as separate sound recording files, you can then combine multiple iPhone voice memos & recordings into one file.

Update May 2018: this article was originally published in May 2016 and has since been updated. in this update, we changed the new screenshots and download links to the new release of the iPhone backup software.

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