Change photo size, resolution and aspect ratio on LG mobile phone

Our smartphones come with various picture sizes, resolutions and aspect ratios optimized for the use in different situations, sharing on social networks, casting to TV, sharing via email, MMS, printing to papers, etc. If the default aspect ratio, resolution or size for the photos do not fit your needs, you can either edit them using an image editor or better change its camera settings beforehand. Also the most common problem of smartphones is the limited storage capacity, you can resize the heavy large photos to save more space on the phone. In a related article, we discussed how you can change picture size, resolution and aspect ratio on Samsung phone. Today, we will show you how to do that on a LG mobile phone which is also Android powered.

Change Picture Size, Resolution & Aspect Ratio on LG Phone

Open the stock Camera app on your LG mobile phone, tap the Settings icon at the top left corner to access and change the Camera settings.

lg mobile phone camera settings

In the Camera settings screen, the Photo size option can be usually found at the top section.

change photo size on lg mobile phone

The photo size settings may vary on different phone models. You can set the file size of your photos here. There are different presets to choose from, such as 4:3 – 4160×3120(13MP), 4:3 – 2880×2160(6.2MP), 16:9 – 4160×2340(9.7MP), 16:9 – 2560×1440(3.7MP), 1:1 – 3120×3120(9.7MP), 1:1 – 1440×1440(2.1MP), etc. By applying a new preset, the photo size, aspect ratio and resolution may be changed on your LG mobile phone at the same time.

How to edit video size, resolution on LG mobile phone?

LG mobile phones also have the powered to edit videos. See this guide to edit video size, resolution on LG mobile phone by modifying the camera settings or use the built-in editing tool in the Camera app. No third party apps required!

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