Convert Word to PDF on Huawei phone for free

When you want to archive, send or share files, PDF is your best choice for its cross platform compatibility. All major phones and computers can directly open and view PDF files without any third-party apps. Today, we’ll show you a free way to convert Word document to PDF files on Huawei and other Android phones. Converting Word to PDF is usually paid-for feature in Word or PDF apps. In fact, this can easily be done using the Microsoft Word app for Android which is available for free in Google Play Store. If you use a different Android phone, you can refer to this free way to convert Word to PDF on Android phone.

Download MS Word on to your Huawei phone first. When you run it for the first time on your phone, you will be prompted to sign in so you can access your documents from any device with OneDrive. You can choose not to sign in your Microsoft account now if you do not plan to upload your documents to the cloud at the moment. Choose Open at the screen bottom, then browse to your device where the source Word document is saved and open it in Word app.  You can edit the Word doc if like. If you merely need to convert the Word to PDF without modification its content, tap the Menu button at the top left corner. Choose Share from the side menu, then select Share as attachment > PDF.

Word for Android share as attachment in Word or PDF file format

The Share as PDF dialog pops up asking you the permission to allow Word to convert the Word file to a PDF using an online service from Microsoft. Press Allow. When the conversion is complete, you will get the options list which you can choose to share the convert PDF file as attachment. For example, you can share the PDF file via Bluetooth between mobile phones or between Huawei phone and a PC or Mac,  attach the PDF file to an email, upload it to Google Drive, upload the PDF to Huawei Drive, etc. 

My preference is usually sending myself the PDF file, then download it to my mobile phone. By doing so, I have a copy of the file in my email account as well as on my local storage on the phone. If you don’t have any email account configured on the device, you can follow these steps to add Hotmail account to Huawei mobile phone, just as an example. Setting up other email accounts on the phone involves the similar procedure.

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