eZip for Mac

eZip is a free zip, unzip app designed for Mac OS that can compress, decompress files, encrypt files with password on Mac. It support more than 20 archive formats, such as zip, rar, 7z, gz, iso, tgz, lzh, apk, xz, z, bz2, tar, lzma, zst, lz4, cab, xar, ar, gnutar, cpio, lzip, lzop, zstd, uu, mtree, pax, shar. Encrypted files can’t be accessed without the password. Anyone with the password can decrypt the protected files with the Unarchiver app, which is the stock file zip/unzip app on Mac, or just any third party archive apps.

ezip for mac home
  • Bulk encryption and decryption of files
  • Support Finder service, to extract and compress archives
  • Support rar, zip, 7z encrypted archive format
  • Press the space bar in the Finder to preview the archive directly.
  • Filter images and documents on one click. 
  • Enter keywords to search for files within the archive.


Get it for free from its official site here.

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