A free way to record screen video and system audio on Windows PC

I would like to record the audio output directly from Adobe Audition during a screen capture. I need to record my screen including audio because I would like to create video tutorial. I tried to record audio from my PC speakers via microphone input. It however barely picks up the sound from microphone.

There are many screen recorders for windows. But some of them might be able to record sound only through microphone. In this article, we will share with you a free way to record screen video and internal sound on Windows computer. We recommend this free screen capture for Windows. Get it now. It is a free and open source screen capture for Windows with many extra useful tools and features you can only find with premium apps.

Install virtual audio capture

By default it can only record audio from microphone just like any other screen recorders or audio recorders. You need to install an add-on which enables you to capture sound from your computer sound card or system.Run ShareX on your PC. Click Task settings from the left panel to open it in a new window. Then choose Screen recorder > Screen recording options…> Install recorder. Follow onscreen tips to download and install the screen-capture-recorder and virtual-audio-capturer for video and system audio recording.

Enable screen and system audio capture

Go back to the Screen recording options following steps as mentioned above. You can then choose screen-capture-recorder or GID grab as the Video source and virtual-audio-capturer as the Audio source. See also above screenshot.

enable audio recording - select audio source in sharex

Record screen video with internal sound on PC

Now bring up what you want to record on your PC screen. Open ShareX and go to record your computer screen with internal audio from Capture > Screen recording. The screen recorder is very easy to use, like any other screen captures you may have seen. Just drag across your PC screen to select the area you like to be included in the video capture and start recording. Stop the recording to complete. You can then find the saved screen capture with the system audio included in the screen capture software.

sharex capture screen recording for windows

In this way, you can record sound output from all kinds of software or programs on your PC, Movies & TV, Windows Media Player, Groove Music, VLC, Audition, Premiere, etc. If you need to record only audio, simply deselect any video source in the Screen recording options screen. You can find more details from this guide to record audios using ShareX on Windows computer. Sound recordings will be saved as .M4A audio files on your computer hard drive.

Record webcam videos on PC

The above screen recorder is able to record your computer screen or record video from your camera. It however can not record both of them as the same time. If you want to include yourself in the screen recording or tutorial production, you can try this method to record video from both your PC screen and camera.

Record both internal and external audios on PC

As you can see from the Screen recording options screen, you can choose either virtual-audio-capturer or microphone. You can’t however set the recorder to capture sound from both of them. That’s to say, when you recording a video tutorial using this free recorder you have to choose audio from either your computer or external devices or yourself through microphone. In this case, you can follow this method to record sound as MP3, WMV in Windows 10 which can record both internal and external sounds.

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