How to grant root permissions to apps from Kinguser on Android phone?

In an earlier tutorial, we talked about how you can root Android phones without a computer. One problem after rooting mobile phone is to manage superuser or root permission on the phone. You can grant root access to a specific application or remove root access from a specific application on Android phone. In this guide, we will show you how to grant root permissions to apps from Kinguser on Android phone. So if you have rooted your phone and installed Kinguser to manage app access levels and priviledges or if you plan to do so, this article is right for you.

How to grant root permissions to apps from Kinguser?

Run Kinguser app on your mobile phone. Its home screen looks like this.

kinguser app for android
To grant root permission to a specific app or remove root permission from a specific app on your Android phone. Go to Root authorization. A new screen like following displays on your phone.

kinguser app root authorization management
Apps request root access will be listed as shown above. By default they will be set to Prompt. So every time the app requests root priviledge, you will get prompt to allow or deny root priviledge for the app. If you want to add root access to certain app, click on the down arrow after the Prompt to reveal more options, including Allow, Deny and Prompt.
grant remove app root permission in kinguser

Click Allow to grant root access to an Android app. By this way, you can intentionally grant root permission to some app on mobile phone, not automatically get prompted when a specific app asks for root permission. Kinguser allow mobile phone users to pick an app and grant it root permissions. If you want to remove root permissions from some app, simply choose Deny or Prompt.

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