Hide apps on Samsung mobile phone

When you need to allow other people to use your phone and want to keep certain files and folders secret, you can hide the files or lock them down using a password. See this trick to hide files on Samsung phone or following tutorial to lock files on Samsung mobile phone. What to do when what you want to hide from others are certain apps on the phone? Samsung Galaxy phones have this feature to hide apps on the device for many years. We have seen this feature on various Samsung phone models. You can hide apps so that they are not shown in the apps screen. Other people won’t notice you have downloaded this app on your phone. To hide certain apps on Samsung phone, you can follow below instructions.

How to hide apps on Samsung mobile phones?

Unlock your phone screen, tap Apps from the bottom right corner, then you will see all your installed apps will be organized in various pages. You can swipe left to right to navigate and browse to apps in different pages. When you are at the page where you can find the app that you want to hide, touch Menu (three vertical dots), a drop-down menu shows up as below.

Hide apps on Samsung mobile phone

Choose Hide apps from the menu, then choose the app or apps you wish to hide, tap on Done button at the top right corner, then selected apps will be invisible on the apps screen.

Note that hiding apps on Samsung phone this way will not uninstall the app, but will simply remove it from view in the Apps screen. You will still be able to find these apps from App manager on the phone. Also skilled users can easily show these hidden apps on your Samsung phone. Check out details below.

How to show hidden apps on Samsung phone?

Simply repeat above steps and just make sure to select the “Show hidden apps” from the Apps menu and follow the on-screen tips to unhide or display those hidden apps on Samsung phone.

Hide apps vs lock apps

A more secure way to hide apps or prevent others from accessing private apps on your mobile phone is to lock them down using a password, PIN, pattern or fingerprint. Check out this tutorial to lock apps on Samsung mobile phone using a third party security app for Android.

A better way is to lock the apps using the security and privacy protection app first, then follow instructions above to hide the apps. In this way, the app is not only hidden but also locked, so even if people find them on your phone, they are locked out by password, pattern or fingerprint. What’s more, your phone settings can also be locked following instructions included in above linked article.