Lock photos & videos on Huawei mobile

Want to hide out private photos and videos on Huawei mobile phone? If you have saved some saucy snaps on the phone, you may want to hide them out so as to prevent other people from accessing them when they use your phone. On Huawei phones, we can find the App locker which serves as a great tool to protect our privacy. Check out this guide to lock apps on Huawei mobile phone. If you have some secret photos, videos on the phone, you can turn on the app lock and lock the Gallery app, where all your photos and videos are saved, with a password on your Huawei phone.

lock gallery app with password huawei mobile phone

Huawei phone photo locker flaws

Unfortunately, we found this built-in security option for hiding photos is not really secure. Third-party apps on the phone may still access the photos and videos without the password. For example, you can access them using Google Photos, Files, and maybe more third-party photo  apps, file managers, browsers, etc. 

Huawei phone File safe – the better solution

There is another feature on Huawei phone was designed to encrypt our private files and documents called ‘File safe’. Go to Settings > Security & privacy > File safe. Then tap on Enable to set the password which we need to use to lock the files on Huawei phone.

huawei phone security privacy file safe

You can choose to associate fingerprint to quickly access the File safe and files saved in it. You can also associate your Huawei ID so you can reset your password if you forget it and can’t remember your security question answers.

Go to add your photos, videos, music and other files to the File Safe to encrypt them and protect your privacy.

Third-party photo locker alternative for Android

If you can’t find the File Safe on your device, your best bet would be third-party photo locking and hiding apps. Lockit is a good example. We have introduced this free media locker app in this tutorial to lock secrete photos on Android phones. It is a free photo, video locker for Android with many extra features. Except locking your private images, videos, movies, pictures on Huawei phone, it can also hide private notifications, snap photos of anyone trying to access your private albums on the phone, disguise the locker app, prevent app uninstall and so on.