Mirror Android Phone Screen on PC

Many of us may want to mirror Android phone screen, so we can easy share them online or with our friends, we can watch mobile phone movies on bigger screen, play games for mobile on computer with mouse and keyboard control. With a bigger display and easier control, you are more likely to win in mobile games, you can play games longer with the bigger screen. There are many apps on Play Store that can mirror Android phone screen to PC. However most of them require Root access. Here we recommend Airdroid. It works with various Android versions, even old versions like Android 4.4.4 KitKat or earlier, without the need for rooting.

How to Mirror Android Phone Screen on PC?

This mobile phone screen mirroring solution requires this Android app to be installed on the mobile. On the computer end, go to download its desktop client or simply use your desktop browser instead.

Run AirDroid on your Android mobile, sign up a free account using your email address. But you can skip this if you will mirror Android phones to PC in the same network. You have to sign up an account for remote mirroring and control. Switch to the Transfer tab at the bottom. Choose My devices >> AirDroid Web, you will then get two addresses to access your Android phone from computer.

airdroid web access addresses on android mobile phone

Access the above web address from your desktop browser on Windows PC, such as IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome. You will see the connection request on Android phone, tap on Accept to allow your PC to access the mobile phone. After that, click Screenshot in the AirDroid web interface on computer, you will get another prompt on the phone which you need to confirm and allow the screen mirroring and capturing. You will then find your phone’s screen is displayed on PC at the same time.

Mirror or cast screen from mobile to computer

Some smart phone makers, like Xiaomi, provide free mirror tools, so you do not need a third party screen mirror solution. See this guide to cast screen from Xiaomi and Redmi phones to PC or TV.

Using an iOS device? Check out these steps to mirror iPhone iPad iPod to PC via AirPlay.

Update Aug 2018: this article was originally published in Jan 2016 and has since been updated. In this update, we replaced the out-dated Android phone screen mirroring and recording software with AirDroid.