Convert Samsung Voice Recordings from 3GA to MP3

Samsung smartphones have the default Voice Recorder app comes with the phone which is very handy for us to record voices. For example, you can record sounds or voices as ringtones on Samsung mobile. Samsung also makes the voice recording and sharing of voice files very convenient. If you want to transfer voice recordings from Samsung to computer, simply connect your phone to computer via USB, then browse to the Sound folder in your phone’s internal storage, you will then be able to copy and past voice recordings from Samsung mobile to your PC or Mac computer. You can also send voice recordings from Samsung to computer through email. If you like to share voice recording files with other mobile phone users, you can do that through email, whatsapp, Skype and many other tools. One big issue with Samsung voice recording files we found is the audio format.

samsung galaxy voice recorder app

A lot of users find they cannot play Samsung voice recordings on Windows PC. Samsung galaxy phones save the audio in 3GA format which is not recognizable on Windows PC unless you have installed third party audio players for 3GA audio or have associated 3GA with an existing media player on the Mac or Windows computer.

Convert Samsung Voice Recordings from 3GA to MP3 on Windows

If you simply want to play Samsung voice recordings in 3GA format on a Windows PC, there is an extremely easy workaround for that. You can simply change the file extension from 3GA to MP3 on Windows PC. Then you can double click the mp3 music file, the Windows will open it using the default music player to play the mp3 file. Microsoft has launched Groove Music on Windows 10. You can play the mp3 audio file using Microsoft Groove Music on PCs, tablets, Windows Phone, and Xbox—for free. Once you converted Samsung Voice Recordings from 3GA to MP3 on Windows PC, you can also run Windows Media Player to run the Samsung voice recordings.

convert 3ga to mp3

3GA is audio-only version of the 3GP (3GPP) multimedia file format. Basically it is only media container not the video codec. That’s why renaming the extension from 3ga to mp3 seems to work on Windows computers. In fact, you can also rename Samsung voice recordings from 3ga to 3gp thus playable on Windows, or rename Samsung voice recordings from 3ga to wmv and so on. Then the default Movies & TV app or Windows Media Player can play them.

This seems to be simple enough to convert Samsung voice recordings to mp3 or convert 3ga to mp3 on computer. However when you send the converted audio file to a device or player which can only play the true MP3 not the ones converted from 3ga files by renaming the extension, it will fail. For example, you can’t play the converted mp3 on an iPhone.

Convert Samsung Voice Recordings from 3GA to MP3 – the best way!

As we mentioned above, by renaming file extension is not a true conversion. And it can’t fix the actual file compatibility issues for many media players and devices. The real way and best way to convert Samsung voice recordings from 3GA to MP3 or other audio formats you like is to download an audio converter for the job. Now download the media converter below before we use it to demonstrate how to convert Samsung voice recordings to MP3 or convert 3GA to MP3 files.

To use the media converter to convert 3GA to MP3 audio files, you have to firstly rename Samsung voice recording files from .3ga files to .3gp files or from .3ga to .mp3. After that you can drag and drop them in to the media converter, see below screenshot.

convert samsung voice recordings to mp3

Go to the Output Format section on the right to choose MP3 format as output format. Finally click the Convert button to turn Samsung voice recording 3ga files to mp3 files. Now you will be able to play Samsung voice recordings on any mp3 players. Since mp3 is the most widely used standard audio format, you can now play Samsung voice recorder app file on virtually any media player or devices, including smartphones like iPhone, Motorola, HTC, LG, Lenovo, Blackberry, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, Nexus and many more.

Except audio converting for Samsung phones, you can also use this media converter to convert movies or videos for Samsung devices. Check out this guide to convert movies to Samsung Galaxy phones. It is able to fix a lot of video and audio converting and compatibility issues for a wide range of media players, computers, mobile phones, tablets and so on.

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  1. If you want to play 3GA successfully every time and on every device the best solution is to convert 3GA to MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, AAC, AC3, M4A, etc

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